The idea was to open the social restaurant in Ivano-Frankivsk in an Urban Space format. It must become the successful example of community gathering around the common idea. The project uniqueness is that 80% of the restaurant profit is spent only for social projects.

The founders are 100 socially active people who are united with the idea of qualitative development of the city space.

Objectives are:

  • creation of a transparent trust fund intended to finance social projects and start-ups which are aimed towards development of the city
  • development of a physical platform to activate proactive cluster of the city, which gives impulse to initiatives and retains dynamics of their development
  • consolidation of 100 people of practical intelligence willing to invest in the project and distribute funds to finance other initiatives

Urban space

Urban Space is the new format at the intersection of different city environments. This is a restaurant where you can not only eat, but also socialise, discuss the ideas, find likeminded people, as well as read books, buy stuff in a shop opened there or organise your own presentation.

This is a special place for urbanists’ meetings – for those who think city must be comfortable for living: green, eco-oriented, correlated with community interests.


100 founders of the project equally finance the Urban Space 100 opening.

Concept development, realization and further management is arranged by “23 Restaurants” company.

The restaurant was open on the 27 of December 2014.

How it works

The restaurant operates and generates profit allocated only for social projects of developing Ivano-Frankivsk.

The decision which projects must be supported is taken by the founders.

Operational management of Urban Space 100 provides the Managing Company that can be changed if necessary.



Urban Space 100
19 Hrushevskoho St.
066 633 88 82

Taras Malyi — event manager
+38 (097) 498 96 57
Organization information оr fill in the form

Oksana Leskiv — restaurant manager

Marta Gladka — Urban Space program manager


  1. How to become a project member?

    To take part in the project you needed to obtain three recommendations from the current project members, to agree with the conditions of open participation in the project and to make onetime contribution in the amount of 1000 USD.

  2. Who could not be co-founder of the restaurant?

    An anonymous person or registered legal entity could not be co-founder of the restaurant.

  3. What does «open participation» mean?

    The members agreed that their participation in the project would be known to others. Particularly, their photos and names were published on the web-site among other founders. Anonymous participation in the project was impossible.

  4. What will happen if the project plays out?

    This may happen only if the project is unprofitable. That has low probability. Nevertheless, the Managing Company of «23 Restaurants» guarantees the maintenance of Urban Space 100 during two years minimum from the opening.

  5. Will it be necessary to finance anything else additionally?

    No, no provision exists for additional financing.

  6. How profit is distributed?

    80% of the profit is spent only for social projects aimed to develop Ivano-Frankivsk. The founders meetings are held quarterly at Urban Space 100. Founders decide for which projects the funds, gained for the reporting period, should be spent. The decision is taken by the simple majority of present members' votes.
    The rest 20% is paid to the Managing Company for the restaurant management.

  7. How Urban Space 100 is connected to Teple Misto Platform?

    The idea of the social restaurant belongs to Teple Misto Platform. Teple Misto carried out the project launch, arranged the promo campaign to find 100 founders and organized the opening of the restaurant.
    Urban Space 100 is an independent project. The decision about menu, events and shop assortment is taken by the Managing Company. The decision which project to support is taken by the founders.
    Teple Misto Platform continues its assistance in documentation procedures (concluding the minutes of meetings and contracts with grant recipients) and in public relations.

  8. If I want to open Urban Space in my city?

    Teple Misto Platform works on Urban Space Global program aimed to open Urban Space restaurants in other cities under the condition of social franchising. If you have a team that is ready to implement the project Urban Space in your city, fill out the form on Franchise page

  9. If I want to organize a presentation, press conference, lecture, workshop, master class in Urban Space 100?

    You can implement event from Monday to Friday, event on Saturday and Sunday is available on request. In order to organize the event, fill out the next form or write our event manager
    More details about the organization of events can be found here.

  10. I am interested to work at Urban Space 100

    Apply here (with a note «Want to Urban») and wait for the invitation to the interview.