New Opportunities For Your City

Over the past nine years of operation, we have gained experience in the implementation and management of the Urban Space 100 project, so we are ready to share our knowledge with you.

The Teple Misto platform is working at the development of a programme that comprises the opening of Urban Space facilities in other cities under a social franchise.

We will consider cooperation with you if you meet the following criteria:

 — Have a team ready to implement the Urban Space project in your city and find competent restaurant-managers with experience in restaurant business, who are ready to involve patrons in the project;

 —Want to create a modern urban-style restaurant to become an example of socially responsible business and unite socially proactive people around the idea of developing your city and city space;

 — Want to create a city’s centre of social activity — a place for public activists to talk, for conducting trainings, lectures, discussions, roundtables, public hearings, etc. and a unified free playground for progressive initiatives, ideas, projects, organizations, and people;

 — Are ready to find a location that can accommodate at least 50% of the total number of co-owners at one time and outfit an event platform, a shop, and a radio studio; the space must also be fully accessible for people with disabilities.

 — Distribute 80% of the profit generated by the restaurant to public initiatives aimed at urban development, and pay the reminding 20% to the restaurant management company;

 — Are ready to adhere to the following ten principles: publicity, equality, individual participation, political indifference, defined representation, teamwork, decency, responsibility, lack of a special status in the restaurant operation, recognition and observance of the Teple Misto platform’s values.

Please send your application to, and we will consider it.



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