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Restoration of the doors in 5 Kurbas Street

Realized 18.11.2016 - 31.12.2016

34 600 UAH

In recent years, the beautiful ancient carved wooden doors of the city are often replaced by new standard featureless plastic or metal doors. The same situation is with windows replacement. Forged railings of old balconies and staircases are destroyed, the stucco on the facades of architectural monuments is peeling off. That is why, sometimes unconsciously, because of ignorance and lack of understanding, sometimes because of indifference, passivity or careless treatment and unauthorized activity, violating the Law of Ukraine On Protection of Cultural Heritage, the city residents destroy the historical charm and special architectural features which make our city a special, cosy and ancient place. Therefore #FrankivskYakyiTrebaBerehty (#FrankivskWhichSouldBeProtected) initiative aims at drawing the attention of Ivano-Frankivsk residents to the issue of the city’s historic architectural heritage and initiated the restoration of ancient doors in 5 Kurbas Street. The doors are situated close to the City Hall, Regional State Administration, Urban Space 100.