Making a designer bench-construction with a solar panel to charge gadgets located near the sports ground «Urahan»

Realized 25.11.2016 - 31.12.2016

10 000 UAH

To organize active leisure for a greater number of citizens, near the sports complex in the Pasichna district, the recreation area of public use, where both children and adults can enjoy fun time, was built.

The sports complex consists of two mini-football fields with artificial turf, a sand field of the European standard for beach football and volleyball, comfortable locker rooms, lighting in the evening. The grounds are used for training by the Academy NFC «Urahan» students; training and futsal competitions of the city teams; training and competitions in beach football and volleyball.

The sports and recreation area includes:

drawing board, board balance training equipment, sports complex with hooks for climbing, stepping stones «Mushrooms», spring swings, sports outdoor training equipment and a designer bench with a solar panel to charge gadgets. The approximate size of the bench is 82 m (this is the longest bench in Ivano-Frankivsk which can be used for leisure as well as for work as an outdoor office).

The designer solar panel bench for recreation consists of metal, wooden constructions for sitting, built-in charging system (USB ports). In late November 2016 the children’s sports and play area was constructed, and in January 2017 the solar panel was installed into the bench as the final stage of the project.

The citizens of Ivano-Frankivs are planning to make Ivano-Frankivsk a sports city, and the sports city should have accessible sports facilities.