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Medical Reform. Implementation

Realized 01.11.2017 - 31.12.2017

40 000 UAH

In August 2017 an agreement was signed on the introduction of an electronic queue and an electronic card in primary health care systems. These are polyclinics (for adults), pediatric departments (for children) and women's consultations (for pregnant women). The program part is provided free of charge for the city by the company Medics (service for 3 years paid by a donor grant). The obstacle to the introduction was that polyclinics and pediatric offices are not connected to the Internet and do not have computers.

Project "Medical Reform. Implementation” eliminated this problem and allowed the introduction of an electron card and an electron queue. Internet connection and  extension networks have been implemented by NetGroup in the following pediatric departments:

- pediatric department #2, 4 Tychyny Str.;

- pediatric department #5, 46 H. Hotkevycha Str., build. 5;

- pediatric department #7, 124A Halytska Str.;

- pediatric department #8, 136 E. Konovaltsa Str.

Implementation of the electronic queue and electronic card positively influenced each inhabitant of Ivano-Frankivsk, and the result of which the use of services of polyclinics, pediatric departments and women's consultations was greatly simplified.