Naklejka na sciane grafiti graffiti mlodziezowe

“Alarm” Ivano-Frankivsk 2021

Realized 31.07.2021 - 30.10.2021

44 070 UAH

Alarm is the biggest and most desirable event in the world of graffiti in Ukraine. Every year, hundreds of artists travel to gather in different cities and spend a weekend together, share their experience, communicate, show their style and create hundreds of new drawings. The purpose of the event is to promote street art and graffiti, dialogue with the urban environment and rethinking of urban spaces.

The last time the Alarm of Ivano-Frankivsk took place was in 2016. It was very successful and showed an active desire to draw in Frankivsk. Now there is an active interest in the city from the outside.

The project aims to cut the best domestic graffiti samples; popularize street art; create an artistic and cultural product; legalize new and update existing graffiti locations.

The festival was held on August 21-22 on the territory of the locomotive plant in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Funding from Urban Space 100 covered the cost of paint and providing housing for participants, design, as well as a photo and video report.

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