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Workshop: Art_learning

Realized 15.11.2021 - 30.04.2022

56 000 UAH

“Workshop: Art_learning” is an informal school for people who have a desire to express their essence in a creative way. During the quarantine, many people thought about the correctness of their chosen profession, and began to look for opportunities for creative development. Some of them need professional support and are ready to study not only online, but directly with experienced professionals. So that, the initiators of the project, the CO “Initiativa TSSM” (ГО «Ініціатва ЦСМ») undertook to close this need of citizens.

Creating alternative conditions for those who want to discover their creative potential was one of the main tasks of the school. 

After the announcement on social networks about the start of applying for the Workshop: Art_Training, classes on drawing (drawing, composition, watercolor, acrylic painting), photography basics (lectures on the history of photography, composition, setting of light, framing), graffiti and mural painting, lectures on modern art were systematically held on weekends from December. In total, 23 practical classes and lectures took place from December to February, which should have resulted in the final exhibition to be held in March 2022. However, due to the outbreak of the full-scale invasion, this never happened. 16 teachers and more than half a hundred students aged 14 to 55 took part in the training process.

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