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More in Ukrainian — film screenings to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Realized 29.11.2022 - 29.11.2023

36 000 UAH

The project develops audience film culture in Ivano-Frankivsk and Ukraine. The audience was able to watch the selected films in Ukrainian for the first time, as they were dubbed specially for the project. The screened films are true classics:

▪️ Bringing Up Baby directed by Howard Hawks,

▪️ Monkey Business by Howard Hawks,

▪️ Last Year at Marienbad by Alan René;

▪️ Bananas by Woody Allen.

Film screenings were held for several months to raise money for the Ukrainian army.

They were able to raise UAH 47,332. Some of these funds was donated to Medicine 4 Ukraine to sew backpacks for combat medics, and another part went to the medevac crew operating with the medical stabilisation point in the Soledar-Bakhmut direction. The rest of the funds were added to the donations from other sources to purchase a portable ultrasound machine.