Results of regular general meetings of co-founders of the public restaurant Urban Space 100


Today a regular general meeting of the co-founders of the public restaurant Urban Space 100 took place. Six projects received financial support this time. Let's find out more about them:

1. Restoration of two identical vintage doors located at 1 and 5 Shashkevycha Str. The project envisages the restoration of two front doors in the houses located at 1 and 5 Shashkevycha Str. The door panels have been removed and transported for the restoration. It involves refurbishment of wooden door parts and installation of door fittings, and later the restoration of the non-removable parts (door case, fanlight) to be carried out on-site (partially completed).

2. Social Centre for ATO Veterans and Their Families. Implementation of the project is necessary in connection with the absence of the Centre, where an ATO veteran or his/her family can get help in Ivano-Frankivsk. The soldiers’ families need psychological and moral support, communication and exchange of their experiences, therefore the Centre will provide yoga and dance classes, arts and crafts workshops, child development classes, psychological training for target groups, psychological counselling, massage therapy, and exercises with the use of cardiovascular equipment for ATO veterans and their families.

3. Open student space “Paragraph”. The project is aimed at the establishment of an open student co-working space “Paragraph” in a reading room of the Scientific Library of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University. Students need a place where they can meet with their friends, use a laptop for study or work, and discuss their ideas and projects for free. “Paragraph” will become a place for meetings, work and recreation, lectures, presentations, training sessions and workshops, for competitions and film screenings, the access to which will be free of charge. The room will be comfortably furnished and with Wi-Fi access.

4. City Volunteer Programme (the project received partial funding from the stated amount). The project is aimed at creating a City Volunteer Programme comprising four parts:

- A promotional campaign involving open meetings about the philosophy of volunteering, active community, and participation in the city development. Other volunteers will be invited to share their experience. The meetings are geared towards presenting the programme and attracting future volunteers.

- School of Volunteering in the form of two intensive training modules on leadership, time management, effective communication, mediation, proactivity, conflict science, win-win philosophy, self-motivation, and project management;

- Attending practical volunteering events, where project participants will put their knowledge into practice.

- Daily meet-ups for volunteers to exchange impressions and experience, and to strengthen the sense of community of the city volunteers. They will share their stories and plan the next steps in volunteering.

5. Public Space on A. Sheptytskoho Square (the project received partial funding from the stated amount). The project aims at creating an area on Sheptytskoho Square with non-standard small architectural forms for sitting with cache pots for decorative urban trees that create the feeling of cosiness and provide shade in the warm season. This will give people an opportunity to stop here, sit down and, while resting, discover the architectural environment in a new way, contemplating the architecture, historical buildings, and monuments from various angles.

6. Art Forum (the project received partial funding from the stated amount). A one-day event, Art Forum will involve up to 70 participants. Over the past four years, within the framework of the Next Project programme of the Teple Misto platform, a variety of projects and events has been carried out, of which education was a mandatory element. The event will include the following three blocks:

- speeches on the given topics, and their discussions;

- fund-raising for cultural projects workshop;

- development of a roadmap for the revitalisation of the cultural and artistic supply in the city. Through the World Cafe method, forum participants will work in groups to find solutions for the problems of Ivano-Frankivsk cultural environment and opportunities for action. Then they will come up with short, inexpensive, and realistic projects.