Urban Space Goes East!




NGO Insha Osvita and Teple Misto platform are launching a study to open an Urban Space in Kramatorsk.

Urban Space is a social enterprise and a public restaurant created by Teple Misto platform. The first Urban Space 100 public restaurant was opened in Ivano-Frankivsk in 2014 when a hundred people donated $1,000 to set up a restaurant that would give 80% of its net profit for the city development projects. The projects at quarterly investor meetings. Over the time of its existence, the public restaurant has already funded 73 projects.

Using the same model, NGO Insha Osvita together with Teple Misto launched a campaign to find co-founders for Urban Space 500 in Kyiv in 2017. Each of five hundred people donated $1,000. Now they are waiting for the restaurant opening in Kyiv this autumn.

The study as to opening an Urban Space Kramatorsk will continue until autumn as well—it ends in September. After that, a decision will be made whether to launch a campaign to engage future social investors. The study involves communication with potential partners and investors of the project and will deal with a couple of issues like the future restaurant’s location and restaurant management company.

NGO Insha Osvita coordinates this stage together with Teple Misto platform, which shares its experience on a social franchise basis. To ensure the project’s financial success, the project’s model provides for engaging a management company with a well-warranted experience in the restaurant business.

Contact us for more information:

NGO Insha Osvita
Olha Diatel, Urban Space project coordinator in Kramatorsk
050 279 8688

Teple Misto platform
Marta Gladka, Urban Space project coordinator
095 005 7180