Projects Supported by Urban Space 100 in July 2018


On 28 July, there was an ordinary general meeting of co-founders of the public restaurant Urban Space 100. Six projects were funded for the total amount of UAH 229,754:

1) High-rope course for the children suffering from major speech disorders and autistic disorder

Amount of the grant: UAH 72,200

The project is aimed at harmonious development of personality of a child with special educational needs. Purpose of the project:
- Active rest at breaks;
- Tourism elements;
- Organisation of relays, competitions, contests, sports hours;
- Opportunity of free informal communication among children.
Sections will be installed within the project (passages between the stations are already installed), which will allow pupils of the Ivano-Frankivsk Educational and Rehabilitation Centre develop physically and have an active time in the extended daycare group.

Expenses for materials for the high-rope course and installation thereof will be covered by the funds provided by Urban Space 100.

2) Study and renovation of old signs in Ivano-Frankivsk

Amount of the grant: UAH 36,895

Specialists will be engaged to renovate the sign made at the end of XIX century of the musical school at 17 Sichovykh Striltsiv Str. and to study other historical signs in Ivano-Frankivsk within the project. The educational and promotional event is also going to be held next to the renovated object in order to disseminate knowledge on alternative signs and importance of preservation of the historical environment. There will be the following presentation at the event:
- History of signs made in XIX-XX in Ukraine and abroad;
- Stages of renovation of the historical sign at 17 17 SichovykhStriltsiv Str.;
- results of the study of other historical signs in the city.
It is planned that the study will result in expert opinions on at least two other historical signs, which may thereafter be supported by sponsors and activists in Ivano-Frankivsk following the example of renovation of the sign at 17 Sichovykh Striltsiv Str.

Funds provided by Urban Space will cover expenses for the renovator’s services and materials, study of the signs, overhead logistical expenses of the renovator and lease of scaffolding, including its installation and dismantling.

3) Eco City

Amount of the grant: UAH 19,777

The project is represented by the team of children studying Arduino robotic science at the free-of-charge course provided by They have the project aimed at monitoring air quality and assessing personal comfort of staying in residential districts of Ivano-Frankivsk, which can be monitored online. Air quality is determined by the laser module transilluminating through the air sucked into the measurement chamber, where the controller determines the volume in m³ and concentration of micro particles in the air. Therefore, control sensors for these parameters have been added to the device. All these digital modules and Arduino board have been assembled in one device, set up, programmed and connected to the Internet for data transfer to website of the young robot scientists’ community Arduiono page of Eco City project. The device has already been tested, and its readings have been sent to the website.

The grant programme will cover expenses necessary for the children to produce the device controlling air quality parameters, to study the fundamentals of mobile application development at Arduino Robot Science community, to develop the mobile application within the project, and to develop prototypes of devices used to determine contents of hazardous substances in the air, speed and direction of wind in order to find the source of air contamination by means of 3D printing and Arduino technologies.

4) VeloForum 2018

Amount of the grant: UAH 30,000

VeloForum is the inter-industry three-day conference at the crossroads of transport policy, sustainable local development and public society. Issues of sustainable mobility in cities will be discussed at the forum, where practical experience of implemented best practices that managed to make bicycles more popular and increase the percentage of environmentally-friendly rides around the city as well as practical infrastructural solutions or architectural projects becoming change agents in cities can be shared.

The grant given to the organisers by Urban Space 100 will cover expenses for the forum’s speakers.

5) Mural on the wall at 5 Franka Str.

Amount of the grant: UAH 35,882 (the project has been partly funded against the claimed amount)

The project provides for creation of the mural on the building wall at 5 Franka Str. in order to draw citizens’ attention to the abandoned yards in the city centre and show ways of their revitalisation via inter-neighbour participation.

Urban Space 100 will cover expenses for creating the mural (scaffolding, paints, artists’ work).

6) Charity Project “Savka-band gathers friends”

Amount of the grant: UAH 35,000 (the project has been partly funded against the claimed amount)

Two to four events will be held from December 2018 until May 2019 with participation of Savka-bank, the family band, who will hold charity concerts for the needs of children suffering from the major diseases, together with their friends and their families.

At the concerts, they are going to hold the fair, the funds from which will be donated to charity.

The grant received by the organisers from Urban Space 100 will cover the expeses for light and sound facilities, lease of the hall in the regional Philharmonia, advertising and printed materials, accommodation of guests, management and administration, and technical equipment.

Urban Space 100 has already supported 78 projects, including the above ones, since its creation. You can find information on all the projects at Implemented Projects Section.

The next general meeting will be held at the end of October, and applications for grants may be submitted from 15 September until 15 October.

You can read the rules for submitting an application for the grant to Urban Space 100 at link.