Projects supported by Urban Space 100 in October 2018


On October 27, there was a regular general meeting of co-founders of the Urban Space 100 public restaurant. The amount for distribution according to the results of the third quarter of the restaurant's activities - 298 865 UAH. Financing was received by 6 projects for the total amount of 156 600 UAH. The rest of the sum - 142 265 UAH, according to the decision of co-founders of Urban Space 100, is transferred to the next grant season.

1) "Dobryi tabir” (Good camp): a school of vertep by "Dribnota"

The amount of the grant is 11 100 UAH.

"Good Camp" is a school of vertep and authentic Ukrainian Christmas traditions. The purpose of the project is to create a children's camp in the city during the winter holidays - for quality leisure and learning of traditions. In addition to creating an atmosphere in which children will be interested in learning Christmas customs, with the involvement of the best teachers, the development of the original script and costumes, the project is socially important: the funds raised from vertep will be directed towards charity, and the initiative itself should motivate others to join similar events. Thanks to the funding from Urban Space 100, the cost of making costumes for children, the work of two educators, and transport for the transportation of children between locations for caroling will be covered.

2) Restoration of doors at Rynok Square, 6 (on Trusha Street)

The amount of the grant is 20 220 UAH.

The project aims at preserving the historical heritage of Ivano-Frankivsk due to the restoration of the doors in the city center. In addition to the physical preservation of this object, among the goals of the project - to give a successful example of careful attitude to the history of the city, its architectural achievements; inspire other citizens to restoration of the doors in old buildings in which they live or work; to attract the attention of the Frankivsk citizens to the elements of architecture in the city. The Urban Space 100 grant covers part of the costs of restoration work.

3) Charity project "Savka-band collects friends"

The amount of the grant - 15 000 UAH.

The project is being implemented to raise funds for seriously ill children in Ivano-Frankivsk. Within the framework of this project, artistic events are planned during December 2018 - May 2019 with the participation of the family ensemble Savka-band, as well as holding the charity fairs  during these concerts. The project is aimed at attracting young music bands, talented children. The grant will cover the rental of the hall of the regional Philharmonic Theater.

4) Urban Space Radio: autumn season

The amount of the grant is 58 200 UAH.

The project envisages the preparation of the original program content for the period from October 29 to December 23, 2018. The team aims to involve Urban Space Radio listeners in discussing relevant social issues through the creation of useful content (author programs, well-known hosts) and regular open dialogue with listeners (the programs will be broadcast live with the possibility for the listeners to call). Thematic focus of the season: creative business, culture (Frankivsk in the 1990s), psychology of relationships, music (Ukrainian music 1980-90s, as well as contemporary European music). The funds raised will be directed at the creation of programs, recording, editing and production of audio content for the season, technical support, marketing in social networks.

5) Fairy-tales therapy from the Likar Sviato (Holiday Doctor)

The amount of the grant is 22 080 UAH.

The purpose of the project is to improve the psycho-emotional state of sick children, adolescents, their relatives (guardians), who are in the in-patient facilities of the medical institution. The project team seeks to increase the level of motivation of children for treatment, their rapid recovery, volunteer training for psycho techniques of effective interaction and patient support, etc. Urban Space 100 will cover the cost of administering the project and purchasing gift sets for children in hospitals.

6) Theatrical video project “Stanislaviv Magical Legends”

 Grant amount - 30 000 UAH.

The project involves the creation of artistic and documentary 20-minute short stories about the legends of the old Stanislaviv. Actors will be able to reveal interesting facts and urban legends, the history of various city locations, interesting for both citizens and the city guests. The team wants to create high-quality video products for television and social networks with the involvement of professional actors and videographers. Thanks to the grant the costs of renting video equipment will be covered.

Along with these projects, Urban Space 100 has already supported 83 projects throughout its existence. You can familiarize yourself with all the projects on Urban Space 100 website in the section "Realized Projects".

The next general meeting will take place at the end of January, and the application can be submitted from December 15 to January 15.

The Urban Space 100 grant application guidelines can be found at the link.