Projects Supported by Urban Space 100 in January 2020


On January 25, the regular General Meeting of the co-founders of the Urban Space 100 public restaurant took place. The generated net profit amounted to UAH 319,990. Funding was provided for 7 projects to the total amount of UAH 284,765.

More about the supported projects:

1. Launching the Ba&Di Freelance social entrepreneurship web-platform (marketplace)

Sum — 51 650 UAH

Loneliness, irrelevance, depressed mood are the companions of most elderly people. On the other hand, modern parents raising preschool- and school-age children lack time or opportunity for proper parenting and communication with their kids.
The issue could be solved by the creation of a platform for freelancer grandparents to help the parents with their day-to-day affairs. Namely, picking up children from school, taking them to sports, helping with their homework, cooking, etc.

The grant program will cover the cost of development of a web platform, creation of photo and video content about service providers, and payments for the project manager.

2. Space Planning of a Disc-Golf Park in the Shevchenko Park

Sum — 54 000 UAH

Initiators plan to install 9 fixed disc-golf baskets in Shevchenko Park. Disc-golf promotes a healthy lifestyle, trains endurance, coordination, and accuracy.

For many people suffering from injuries or sedentary lifestyle, disc-golf is an opportunity to stay fit.
Ukraine’s first-ever fixed-site disc-golf park will complement the infrastructure of Ivano-Frankivsk and attract a large number of tourists to various tournaments and competitions.

Funding from Urban Space 100 will cover the cost of fixed baskets for disc-golf.

3. SortSmart Public Recyclable Materials Sorting Station

Sum — 52 436 UAH

The project involves opening of the sorting station for the public, where residents of Ivano-Frankivsk can bring their manually sorted recyclables.

Project initiators need to purchase a paper, cardboard and plastic press, replace the existing entrance gates, promote the station’s activities, and introduce a system to keep records of recyclables and attendance of the station by city residents.

The grant program will cover the costs of rent for the premises, new entrance gates, and remuneration for sorting consultants.

4. KidsDO-2

Sum — 28 537 UAH

The KidsDO-2 project is a continuation of the first part of the KidsDO project. Its objective is to create the next training course on robotics and programming for children with impaired hearing who have already participated in the KidsDO project in October-December, 2019.

The training course will be based on the Lego Education construction sets. 

Funding from the Urban Space 100 will cover the cost of development of the second part of the basic course, design and printing of training materials, payment for the training for two mentors.

5. Renovation of the Antique Door at 7 Lesia Ukrainka Str.

Sum — 23 630 UAH

Preserving and caring for the elements of Ivano-Frankivsk’s historical and architectural heritage is an important task for its residents, the general public, and the city government.
For this reason, the project initiators will renovate the next antique door at 7 Lesia Ukrainka Str.

Funding from the Urban Space 100 will cover the cost of carpentry for the renovation of the door.

6. Street Music Day in Ivano-Frankivsk

Sum — 55 000 UAH (partial covering of the declared amount)

The project is supported by the Urban Space 100 grant program for the fourth time. The Street Music Day is a music event where residents, musicians, and artists will be able to perform and interact with each other.

The objective of the event is to bring the locals together behind a common street holiday where everyone is welcome to participate — as a musician, a dancer, an audience member, a workshop participant, an artisan, a cook, etc.

The grant program will partially cover the costs of promotion, hosting, event logistics and rental of audio equipment.

7. The City through the Eyes of Children

Sum — 19 512 UAH

The main objective of the project is: children’s involvement in clay modeling of urban spaces. Children will learn the methods and operating techniques of working with clay, and design the layout of the city. This will promote the development of three-dimensional vision, teamwork, and children’s potential.

The grant program will cover the cost of materials, video recording, payment for the organizer and the host, printing services, and transportation costs.


For 5 years of its existence, Urban Space 100 has supported 113 projects totaling UAH 2 856 823,55. Please find more about them in the section Supported Projects.

You may apply for the next Grant Season from March 15th to April 15th.

You may also read the Urban Space 100 Guidelines for Application by the link.