Taras Bondarenko and Nataliia Senytsia decided to give birth in Australia. Their son Teodor was born on time — at the 40th week of pregnancy. However, something went wrong during the birth and the baby died four days later. According to the couple, the doctors did everything they could and provided the family with the highest quality support that helped them get through it.

It is mainly the result of Australia’s experience, where for 40 years, since 1978, thanks to the initiative of parents and with the support of local doctors, there has been a practice of working with families who have experienced perinatal loss.  In Ukraine, we are just starting to work on this.

When Nataliia tried to find information about perinatal losses in Ukrainian, she found out that it was not available. Therefore, the couple decided to create a public organisation called Opika Anhela. They strive to help families who have lost children get through the grief. Namely, to provide them with the much-needed support during this period.

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