Urban Space 100 Announces the Winners of the Autumn Grant Season

On October 28, at the 36th General Meeting, the co-founders of the restaurant chose the winners. Among the 13 projects submitted to the competition, 3 initiatives got funds totalling UAH 509,950.

Read more about each of the projects:

1. “Arranging space for psychological recovery of military personnel undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Hospital”, grant amount: UAH 400,000

Project of the initiative “United by Defenders”. There are plans to renovate the former physical rehabilitation facility and create a physical space and environment for the military personnel, where they can rest, distract themselves from pain and war, restore their body and mind, learn new skills, undergo career guidance, socialise, find friends and like-minded people. The space will be equipped with a pottery workshop, a woodworking workshop, a reading room, a cinema hall, a podcast and video studio.

The grant from Urban is needed for repairs and materials.


2. “Creating the accessibility of the veterans rehabilitation centre at 6 Kurbasa Street for people with disabilities”, grant amount: UAH 56,500

The future rehabilitation centre will provide comprehensive support to military personnel, veterans and their family members, as well as families of those who have died or went missing: Legal, medical and psychological assistance, employment and retraining support, etc. The premises of the centre are already being renovated. Currently, there is a need to install an elevator (elevating platform) for disabled people at the entrance. The author of the project is Stanislav Onyshchuk, the head of the First Voluntary Surgical Hospital, which was established in Ivano-Frankivsk over the first days of the full-scale war to provide free treatment to defenders of Ukraine and internally displaced persons.

The grant from Urban will be used to purchase, transport and install an elevator (elevating platform).


3. “Providing life-saving items to the military”, grant amount: The project got partial financing amounting to UAH 53,450 (the requested amount was UAH 106,900)

The project is aimed at providing military personnel with modern and effective items and equipment to save their life and keep them health. Assistance is provided at the request of the military, and there are lots of such requests within the organisation.

The grant from Urban will be used to purchase 50 SICH tourniquets and 50 PerSys Medical 4 compression wraps.

The co-founders decided to distribute the rest of the grant funds between the Save Ukraine Now Coordination Centre and transferred UAH 130,412 to support the battalions of Prykarpattia on the front line and UAH 57,000 to the Hromadska Initsiatyva Halychyny NGO for the purchase of SICH tourniquets to equip tactical first-aid kits under IFAK standards.


We thank all participants for submitting high-quality and meaningful projects dealing with the challenges of war. Approaching victory together!

For almost 9 years of its existence, Urban Space 100 has supported 162 projects totalling UAH 6,959,316.

Learn about all of them in the Supported Projects Section.

You may apply for the next Grant Season from December 15th to January 15th.

You can learn how to apply for a grant provided by Urban Space 100 by the link.