On January 27, 2024, the General Meeting of the co-founders of the Urban Space 100 public restaurant took place. This season, 10 initiatives were submitted to the grant competition, among which the meeting participants decided to support one project:

“Electromagnetic warfare (EW): Multi-frequency signal suppression systems for the protection of military personnel and equipment” from the Save Ukraine Now Coordination Centre, grant amount: UAH 188,943

One of the priority requests made by the military is electromagnetic warfare (EW), namely radio jammers for enemy drones. However, most products available on the market operate on the same frequency, and the enemy quickly reconfigures its drones when noticing the operation of EW in a certain area of the front.

Save Ukraine Now, together with the developers and the military of Prykarpattia from 10 separate mountain assault brigades, make EW in accordance with the request of the military in a certain area of the front.

Using grant funds, the organisers will purchase materials for a multi-frequency EW system and prepare those elements of the system that can be made in the rear and allow reducing the stages of assembly for the military.


As a reminder, 80% of the net profit of Urban Space 100 covers the implementation of public projects. And over 9 years of the restaurant’s existence, 163 projects were provided support totalling UAH 7,148,259

The next spring grant season will last from March 15 to April 15.