Put on Wheels

Realized 14.02.2017 - 28.04.2017

7 000 UAH

"Put on Wheels" is a wheelchair project for people with limited mobility. The result of the project was the restoration of the running part of 11 wheelchair in two city hospitals: its patients were able to travel safely.

Within the framework of the "Put on Wheels" project, Ivano-Frankivsk Central City Clinical Hospital (114 Hetman Mazepa Str.) and Ivano-Frankivsk City Clinical Hospital #1 (34 Mateiky Str.) received not only repaired wheelchair but also pumps for wheels and some materials which was needed.

The student-physician Andriy Gluschuk initiated the project "Put on Wheels", a bike activist, initiator of the projects "Rover in Medical University" and "Veloreanimatsiya". The idea arose during student practice at the hospital: one of the patients in the hospital, Maxim Poltavets, as a representative of the low-mobility group, drew attention to his need to travel and the unsatisfactory condition of hospital carriages (running gear in unsatisfactory condition, rusty parts, torn saddles). In the process of working on the project, he, as well as members of the NGO "SLID", informed about the peculiarities of the movement of people with disabilities in the city. The project has become an occasion to draw attention to the problem with wheelchair in hospitals (where it is a necessary means for transporting patients) and, in general, to the issue of lack of proper living conditions for low-mobility categories.