Educational and artistic festival "Falkor"

Realized 03.05.2017 - 29.07.2017

10 000 UAH

The educational and artistic festival for parents and children "Falkor" took place on July 29, 2017 in Ivano-Frankivsk at the premises of the Center for Polish Culture and European Dialogue. During the day 16 events for parents and children took place: 5 events for adults, 7 events for children and 4 events were shared.

The guests of the festival had the opportunity to listen to lectures and to communicate during these lectures and events. Trainings "Personality map", "Health conscious medicine" and "5 languages ​​of love" were held. The guests got acquainted with the concept of coworking and how it is realized in Ivano-Frankivsk.

During the lecture on "Self-realization, alternative education and coworking", mothers learned about the experience of other young mothers in their self-realization and alternative education. Parents also took part in the "Drawing on the fabric" master class.

Children at that time played, manifested themselves and worked on the following activities: "School of theater. Fairy tale fairy tale","Fairy tale heroes","Live English. Journey to the world of fairy tales and music", master classes on coloring gingerbread, pottery and making motanki dolls. During the events for children, the animator and the nanny worked, who accompanied the children in the games and looked after them. At the festival there was an artist who made for everyone who wanted to paint a body in the style of "mehendi".

Parents and children were able to have fun together during the movement with elements of yoga and zumba and viewed the cartoon of Polish cinema "Lolek and Bolek".

In total, the event was attended by about 40 adults and over 100 children. For them, there were 18 trainers and lecturers, five volunteers who helped with the resolution of organizational issues during the events and photographer.

The project has been partly funded against the claimed amount. The total cost of the project is 12 600 UAH.

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