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Cinema conference "Cinema behind the scenes"

Realized 01.11.2017 - 18.12.2017

31 095 UAH

The main purpose of the conference is to introduce the inhabitants of the city with film production, processes which happen behind the scenes, as well as people who directly produce content. Participants of the event were the representatives of local businesses and creative industry.

Within the framework of the conference, there were considered many important issues not only related to the purely professional stages of film production, but also prospects for the development of film industry for the region as a whole.

One of these issues was the opportunity to create peculiar animation hubs and VFX companies for development and embodiment of Ukrainian, and later international animation and film projects in Ivano-Frankivsk and region. Also participants discussed prospects of the opening of special cinema commissions, the purpose of which should be organizational, material and financial support for the film process, as well as providing certain stages of film production on place All these innovations would allow not only to attract general public attention to the region, but also to attract additional investments.

The team of Kinoroby NGO (Filmmakers) managed to organize the performances of eight professionals in the field of film production, who responded to the proposal to introduce the city's inhabitants the specifics of their work, share their own experiences and tell about the prospects of the development of film production in Ukraine. Conference participants (75 persons) had the opportunity to discuss with speakers the issue of the peculiarities of making films and cartoons, the possibility of becoming and the development of film production in the Carpathian region and the creation of the Precarpathian Cinema Commission.

Business representatives received useful information about the possibilities of adapting their processes and services for the servicing of cinema production teams in the future.

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