Ivano frankivskratush

Modernization of the Local History Museum

Realized 30.01.2021 - 24.04.2021

58 000 UAH

The initiators of the project decided to modernize the Local History Museum in the Town Hall and turn it into an innovation center where citizens and guests from other cities/countries of different ages can feel comfortable and spend their leisure time there.

Developing a concept is just the first step. Having the concept and design of the museum space, the authors of the project have an understanding of the scope of work, the cost of implementation and will continue to work on the implementation of their idea – the transformation of the museum into a modern progressive cultural center and Ivano-Frankivsk.

What is included in the concept: creating a new exhibition scenario using existing exhibits in a modern interactive educational presentation. As a result, we obtained a visualization of the design and filling of the museum space (about 120 square meters). The exhibition covers several natural science topics - here is the geology of the region, topography, soils, climate, flora and fauna, natural zones (forests, mountains, reservoirs), human-nature interaction, and ecology.

“The expected result from creating a modern interesting educational space is queues to the museum with families, school and kindergarten excursions, and tourists. The museum should be exciting, informative, and comfortable. There must be a desire to return here. Because in the museum you can get new knowledge, practical experience, positive emotions from being in a beautiful space, feel connected with history and become responsible and conscious for the present and future.” - says Halyna Bednarchyk, Director of the Local history museum.

The grant program covered the costs to make the entrance group to the local history museum, develop the concept (pay for the services of an architect, designer, museum expert consulting, curator).

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