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Realized 30.01.2021 - 24.04.2021

42 000 UAH

In the main idea of the exhibition, the place of concepts and reflection is occupied by the sincere experiences of a young person. The frankly non-academic style of painting, the deliberately “brutal” surface of ceramic masks insistently push perceptions to primary, deep feelings and force them not so much to reflect as to empathize.
The author thus suggests drawing a different way to solve the “trouble of understanding” – sensual catharsis, almost forgotten from the time of the ancient Greek mysteries.

“Public reality is increasingly telling us: any confrontation (ideological, political, personally ambitious) is not just “harmful”, it has become frankly destructive. Removing key mutual contradictions is an urgent human need. Long-term attempts to solve the problem of human existence intellectually and mentally from the beginning of postmodernism have shown their failure: scientific recommendations on racial, ethnic, interpersonal relationships have been formulated long ago and exhaustively, but without “cutting” a person “to the quick”, they remain helpless. The project offers a different, emotional perception of reality, fixed by artistic means.” - says Zoryana Kozak, the author of the exhibition.

The exhibition catalog captures the artefacts from the exhibition, documenting the event, and art historians` texts will critically interpret the reproduced. And also, as a separate artefact, it will serve as a guide for studying the artist`s work.

During the exhibition, a series of author`s and curator`s excursions, lectures, master classes, discussions took place, which will contribute to understanding the author`s view of the problem for the widest possible audience. Conducting a series of culturological conversations in the exhibition space and excursions with the participation of curators contribute to the popularization of contemporary art and increase public interest in updating the artistic life of the city.

Thus, the process of launching new exhibition events took place, which will provoke the public to an emotional attitude to art, and specialists to discussions.

The Urban Space 100 funds covered the costs of renting premises and equipment, printing, costs of materials for the exposition, as well as household expenses of the lecture program participants.

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