Dsc 8850

«Bike reanimation»

Realized 01.08.2016 - 03.11.2016

12 000 UAH

There is a good practice of creating bike repair stations where you can make minimal repairs of your «iron horse» for free. To pump and check the pressure in the bike tyre, it’s a kind of artificial respiration, which is vital for your bike, to tighten the wires on the brakes, to use different wrenches to adjust the handlebar or saddle, to lubricate the chain – it’s a kind of first-aid kit for a bike. Why are such bike repair stations necessary? After the bicycle parking was opened the number of students riding bikes increased. Moreover, most of them are not Ivano-Frankivsk residents. The problem of minimum repairs is always urgent for them in the most unexpected situations. The bike repair station, opened in the city center, near the central building of Ivano-Frankivsk Medical University, gave every cyclist an opportunity to cheaply repair their bikes. Furthermore, it is expected that gradual development of the cycling infrastructure will increase the number of cyclists among medical students, residents and visitors. From the beginning of the cycling season every student and resident will be able to use the full scope of the station services. The bike repair station was opened on 3 November 2016.