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Hromadska Initsiatyva Halychyny (out-of-competition support)

Realized 01.11.2023 - 07.12.2023

57 000 UAH

Since 2014, the Hromadska Initsiatyva Halychyny NGO has been engaged in stocking first-aid kits, so it has a lot of experience and knows the world standards and requirements for the components of medical first-aid kits.

The organisation has launched the “Million on Takmed” campaign, under which 200 tactical first-aid kits need to be stocked under IFAK standards. Furthermore, the NGO asked for help to purchase 200 SICH tourniquets. These tourniquets have been purchased for over 7 years, therefore they are sure that they have good quality, as they have all the relevant certification and have passed tests.

The organisation got partial funding from the requested amount.

The funds were used to purchase 100 SICH tourniquets.

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