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Restoration of doors on 6, Market Square

Realized 20.11.2018 - 31.12.2018

20 220 UAH

Over the recent years many beautiful wooden carved old doors are replaced with new standardized and featureless plastic or metal doors. This also happened at 6, Market Sq. to ancient wooden doors, facing Ivan Trush Str. As is well known, the street is very cosy and overlooks the Town Hall, so these metal doors obviously do not match its ancient atmosphere. Fortunately, there is a photo with the authentic appearance of the door, so there is an opportunity to accurately restore the lost door using this photo.

Information for reference: #FrankivskYakyiTrebaBerehty (#FrankivskWhichSouldBeProtected) initiative aims at attracting the attention of city residents to the issue of preserving the historical architectural heritage of our city.

In particular, the initiative team took the following measures to promote a careful attitude to the ancient architecture: a flash mob was held, in which about 40 famous people from Ivano-Frankivsk took part (for their photos near old doors that were published on the pages of the popular local publication, it was
necessary to guess the address of the house; the winners of the contest got prizes), social advertisements on big boards, “Heroes of forgotten houses” event at Pototskyi palace, thematic cards with old doors on it, money from selling of which are used for restoration work, the group on Facebook (about 5.500 participants) was created, souvenirs and thematic products were made such as magnets in the form of doors, Fairy Tower interactive kits for children. The restoration of the old doors is the practical step of the initiative. By this time, 15 old doors have been restored already.

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