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War season on Urban Space Radio

Realized 01.09.2022 - 30.11.2022

59 800 UAH

The outset of a full-scale war in Ukraine did not silence Urban Space Radio. The radio stayed locally in Ivano-Frankivsk and kept broadcasting despite the difficulties in ensuring its financial stability and a dramatic change in focus in its programming. The media team joined the initiative of audio journalists of Ukraine to create a podcast documenting the war, UA: THE DAY THAT WE SURVIVED

«UA: THE DAY THAT WE SURVIVED» is an English-language podcast about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It features collected authentic stories and testimonies of people who live through the war but stay resilient in the struggle. All materials were collected directly from witnesses of the events, as well as during hostilities from all over Ukraine. The podcast is aimed at an international audience. Before receiving the grant, 22 episodes were developed and published, and more than fifty unique audio stories were collected. You can listen to all episodes here.

Along with the English-language version, there is an adapted version of the podcast in Ukrainian titled Another Day. It is aimed at the Ukrainian audience and supplemented with life-affirming stories that inspire us to carry on and keep fighting. Full-length recordings of the stories we collected are transferred to the media archive of the Centre for Urban History of Central and Eastern Europe (Lviv). 

Supporting the “War Season” of Urban Space Radio allowed the team to continue its work on documenting stories of the war as well as helped to qualitatively update the radio format for its regular and potential listeners. In addition, the updates contributes to the promotion of the Ukrainian music product so it is trending both among Ukrainian and foreign listeners.

Listen at Urban Space Radio, Youtube and Apple Podcasts