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Realized 01.02.2023 - 30.04.2023

35 000 UAH

*STEM education: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. By comprehensively studying these educational disciplines at "STEAM – school for peace", pupils and IDPs’ children, even during the period of martial law, will be able to easily learn the educational material, gain vital skills and abilities in a quality manner that are in demand in the 21st century.

The project enabled the organization of children's social entrepreneurship within the framework of "STEAM-SCHOOL FOR PEACE" to develop entrepreneurial, scientific-mathematical, creative, leadership, and management skills, as well as acquire social entrepreneurship skills.

The project was designed for several groups aged 11-16, and included six workshops and sessions on topics such as social entrepreneurship, 3D modeling and printing, IT technologies, art, natural and mathematical sciences. During the educational workshops, students developed and learned to print models of various souvenirs, including reflective angels that schoolchildren can wear during dark times of the year to be visible to drivers and also serve as talismans for Ukrainian Defenders. A 3D printer was also used to produce mini-drones developed by students.

At the Pysanka Myru charity fair-exhibition, along with students, the authors demonstrated the best models of souvenir products and many other useful and interesting 3D-printed models in order to get children and IDPs even more interested and involve them in social entrepreneurship and help to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Grant funds provided by Urban Space 100 were used to purchase a 3D printer.

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