Electricity is not a problem. In the footsteps of Faraday

Realized 01.02.2023 - 31.05.2023

40 522 UAH

This is not the first time that the RoboclubIF team has implemented educational social (free) programs for children affected by the war and help them adapt to a new place.

The thematic task of the project was to get children interested in the study of exact sciences, in this case, electrical phenomena and principles, by means of informal teaching, forming a productive environment aimed at practical, simple and incredibly exciting experiments with improvised means, which stir the imagination of the participants and turn the introduction to electricity into an exciting journey.

The project was developed by a young expert Hryhorii Stakhiv, and it consisted of master classes with different duration and complexity, which took place every Sunday from March 5th to May 7th. Each workshop was free of charge and developed for children of different ages. In total, 54 children participated in the project, including 5 children of military personnel, 23 - IDPs’ children, and 7 children from large and low-income families. In the space of the Roboclub, all participants were able to feel safe, find common ground, and unlock their potential.

Grant funds provided by Urban Space 100 covered fees for the program’s developers and teachers, as well as the purchase of necessary materials.

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