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Na Shapku (For the Cap) artistic charity project

Realized 01.08.2023 - 15.12.2023

43 500 UAH

At the beginning of the project implementation, there were 25 children undergoing permanent treatment in the hematological oncology department of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children’s Hospital, including children of IDPs. Some of the children were in critical condition and underwent complex treatment in the intensive care unit.

The Na_shapku concerts in support of children diagnosed with cancer took place in Ivano-Frankivsk for five seasons (2018–2022). The format of the project was borrowed from Sony Sotnuk and Rocks Radio in Kyiv. About UAH 600,000 were raised during this period.

During the grant period (August — October), 12 concerts were held in the centre of Ivano-Frankivsk at the intersection of Vitovskyi and Lesia Ukrainka streets. 72 creative units took part in the concerts: orchestras, chamber ensembles, cover bands, soloists, theatre actors and aerial gymnasts — a total of over 300 participants. At the events, artists performed on a royalty-free basis. Volunteers worked at the location, and everyone could donate for the purchase of medical equipment.

This year’s season was held under the Koshyk Khorobrosti slogan — small toys were collected to be handed over to the department so that doctors could give them to small patients who courageously endure unpleasant and painful procedures.

The main message of the project is that charity should be conscious and meaningful.

Thanks to the Na_shapku concerts this season, we managed to raise UAH 300,648. The fund-raising campaign is aimed at purchasing a multifunctional surgery table with X-ray sensitive plates, which costs UAH 219,640. They also purchased a metal cabinet with glass doors for convenient storage of medicines, dressings materials and other medical products. The price of the cabinet is UAH 22,500. The rest of the funds remained in the organisation’s account, waiting for a new list of needs from the hospital.

The team used Urban Space 100 grant funds to arrange concerts.

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