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Publishing the dystopia of Aldous Huxley «Brave New World» within the framework of the project «Library of Babel»

Realized 23.05.2016 - 30.09.2016

20 000 UAH

In his dystopia «Brave New World» Aldous Huxley tried to look beyond the horizon of the future and described the world of the coming time. In his novel, he presented a gloomy vision of the satirical «utopian» future where people are genetically produced, pharmaceutically anesthetized and thoroughly controlled in order to serve the regime and the «common good». The book that fascinated and terrified many generations of readers is still extremely topical concerning its admonishment and prophecies which come true and become life realities of the modern world. The novel «Brave New World» was translated into Ukrainian by Victor Morozov, the translator of works by Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling, Sally Greene and the author of a highly professional translation of William Blatty’s atmospheric horror novel «Exorcist». The translation of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian into Ukrainian is Victor Morozov’s latest work. Due to the grant program the novel was translated into Ukrainian, the individual visual support was worked out and the book design layout was created. The book was published in September 2016. Welcome to this brave new world!