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Kurt Vonnegut’s dystopia «Galapagos»

Realized 15.11.2016 - 31.12.2016

28 300 UAH

In the period of exponentially growing speed of information technology and media development, reading is the most effective and most affordable way to get knowledge. The translated literature becomes the most important form of intercultural relationships and is an exceptional way to learn, understand and use the world’s cultural heritage. Supported by the grant program, the novel was translated into Ukrainian, the individual visual support was worked out and the book design layout was created.

In «Galapagos» Kurt Vonnegut gathered several very different characters around quite an extraordinary event – the end of mankind. Reading the author’s text you are plunged into another variation on the apocalypse theme: what will happen to humanity if it’s on the verge of dissapearing, with only a small cohort of men and women left to survive, being isolated on an island of the Galapagos archipelago? In this novel Vonnegut reflects upon this problem. He also ponders over the human nature and modern civilization. And he does it with his characteristic ease – without sadness, but ironically. American critics consider «Galapagos» to be one of the best late novels of Vonnegut. We agree with this opinion and invite everyone in this extraordinary world of «the last day of humanity and after a few hundred thousand years».

The project of the books has been worked on during 2016 and its presentation will take place in March in one of the Kyiv book fairs.

The book within the framework of the project «Library of Babel» was published in January 2017.