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Common Language

Realized 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2018

29 110 UAH

The main reason for the continuing lag of our education is the disastrous state of foreign language proficiency for those teachers who teach subjects that are either the basis or are the object of technological progress and the latest technology. Only by being in direct contact with colleagues from all over the world, computer science teachers and their colleagues can understand the context and orient themselves in modern technologies. But they need help in learning English with a specific terminology that meets the specifics of technological education. And their colleagues — teachers of a foreign language can help to organize such training.

In order for the school to take advantage of this opportunity, English teachers have to fill in the registration form and pass the entrance testing. Participants with a level of English proficiency not lower than B1 will be selected for participation. The selected project participants will begin to master the methodology, according to which YOLO educational center has been training IT specialists for three years, but which has been modified for teachers of the natural-mathematical cycle. Classes will take place in the format of weekly intensities of three pairs of classes on the basis of the Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education. Total duration of training — 4 months. After completing the training and preparing the appropriate test, the graduates of the courses receive certificates and state certificate of advanced training.

The main condition for the selection of teachers to participate in the project, in addition to the sufficient level of language proficiency, will be their participation in the second stage of the project, which will begin in September 2018, in which the English language teachers who completed the training should collect groups of their 10-15 colleagues — teachers of informatics, physics, mathematics and others — and for 4 months teach them the methodology that they will be given at the first stage.