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Eco City

Realized 01.08.2018 - 30.11.2018

19 777 UAH

The project is represented by the team of children studying Arduino robotic science at the free-of-charge course provided by beegreen.com.ua. They have the project aimed at monitoring air quality and assessing personal comfort of staying in residential districts of Ivano-Frankivsk, which can be monitored online. Air quality is determined by the laser module transilluminating through the air sucked into the measurement chamber, where the controller determines the volume in m³ and concentration of micro particles in the air. Therefore, control sensors for these parameters have been added to the device. All these digital modules and Arduino board have been assembled in one device, set up, programmed and connected to the Internet for data transfer to website of the young robot scientists’ community Arduiono page of Eco City project. The device has already been tested, and its readings have been sent to the website.

The grant programme will cover expenses necessary for the children to produce the device controlling air quality parameters, to study the fundamentals of mobile application development at Arduino Robot Science community, to develop the mobile application within the project, and to develop prototypes of devices used to determine contents of hazardous substances in the air, speed and direction of wind in order to find the source of air contamination by means of 3D printing and Arduino technologies.