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Multimedia Classics

Realized 01.02.2019 - 01.08.2019

35 016 UAH

The project envisages the creation of a platform that will demonstrate the possibilities of the multimedia in interaction with texts and offer new perspectives of reading works of art, social and political essays or non-fiction books. The project will involve creating a prototype — the online publication of a sample of world literary classics — Giacomo Joyce novel by the Irish writer James Joyce.

The publication will have 1) animated graphics and 2) background music created specifically for the project. The text will also have many features to interact with a reader. You can read the novel from the monitor of any device connected to the Internet. The project will be published online with free access for all users.

Why Giacomo Joyce was chosen for the prototype? In this novel, James Joyce, the father of contemporary literature, extends the boundaries of language, opens up new perspectives of a narrative, offers an unusual approach to the form — the structure and composition of Giacomo Joyce imply endless options of interpretation.

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