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Realized 27.07.2019 - 26.10.2019

21 697 UAH

Today, IT knowledge has become as necessary as a skill to write, read or count. It is needed to live up to your potential as much as possible.

The KidsDO project aims to create a convenient and effective IT curriculum for hearing impaired primary-school children. The Robotics Club team is currently working on developing and adapting a curriculum for such children.

Children aged 7-9 will attend integrated classes that comprise robotics and visual programming during three months (October, November, December). The training course will be based on the Lego Education.

During the course, children will learn to:

- Build machine models by making interesting and fun characters and “bring them to life” in the environment of visual programming;
- Operate simple machines;
Work effectively in a team;

- Create their own stories and implement them through visual programming. 

KidsDO project will allow children to develop:

- Fine movements and spatial thinking;
- Project management skills and understanding of the concept of “reflection” using a kanban board;
- Ability to focus or relax through games.

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