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Detector Gallery_Beginning

Realized 27.07.2019 - 26.10.2019

37 500 UAH

With the support of Urban Space 100, the project plans to organise the following events for the new City Gallery of Contemporary Art “Detector”: 2 exhibitions, a series of events on contemporary art, as well as form an information and navigation visual package.

Two exhibitions are the works by Frankivsk artists Rostyslav Koterlin and Serhii Mishchenko. The artists represent completely opposite communities. Koterlin has been known since the early 90s, has agents and sells his works successfully. Mishchenko has never had a solo exhibition and demonstrates his works to his subscribers on the social network.

The artists work in completely different genres, but they are the representatives of the contemporary art, which is relevant today.

The project creators believe that the phrase “contemporary art” bothers many: “nothing is clear; my child or I can do the same; why is this art?” — such comments you can often hear about the projects. It’s normal. One of the main functions of the contemporary art is to provoke discussions and exchange of thoughts, question the common habits and reactions and, as a result, develop critical thinking. 

It is critical thinking that is one of the most demanded skills of the 21st century, in the time of information glut and manipulation. The Detector Gallery offers projects that reflect on the present and raise important topics for the society.

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