Circle of Care

Realized 31.10.2020 - 30.01.2021

38 220 UAH

The Circle of Care project is a kind of the continued project “If there is a loss”.

Last year, after publishing a manual for doctors, the authors of the project created a working group with doctors of the Regional Perinatal Centre, where they discovered other issues that stand in the way of implementing the principles of humanity and patient orientation at healthcare institutions. These main problems include work with the burnout of healthcare workers, as well as lack of understanding of grief and practical tools when interacting with patients dealing with grief. The pandemic and current working conditions have only exacerbated these problems.

The solution within the Circle of Care project was the holding of 2 practical webinars on the prevention of professional burnout and working with grief and loss in the context of pandemic. In the future, they will be available as videos. Each webinar contains lots of practical tasks so that healthcare professionals can apply the acquired techniques and tools and practice in a free manner.

The Circle of Care has 4 main tasks:

1. Preventing burnout of healthcare workers.
2. Teaching doctors to work with their own grief and work with patients in grief.
3. Providing practical tools to support patients and their families in bereavement, with an emphasis on losses that lead to complicated grief: Perinatal and neonatal losses, sudden losses, losses due to COVID.
4. Making this information available online so that all healthcare workers have access to it from the Opika Anhela website.

The funds provided by Urban Space 100 will cover the costs to create the project page, an information campaign, coordinate webinars, create webinars and pay for the psychologist’s services.

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