Revisionist Syndrome: Soviet Ukrainian and Polish Ukrainian Avant-Garde by Kadan and Andrukhovych in Tandem

Realized 20.11.2021 - 30.04.2022

34 500 UAH

“Revisionist Syndrome” is an exhibition and public program that invites viewers to pay attention to the history of the Western Ukrainian avant-garde movement. The project itself raises it in modern cultural discourse, as well as rethinks the interrelationships of the Ukrainian avant-garde in Polish and Soviet territories during the interwar period. Using the method of fiction and combining it with historiographical material, the organizers constructed a myth about the impossible joint exhibition of the Polish and Soviet avant-garde, which took place in Stanislawow in 1929 and lasted only one day. The exhibition was closed for political reasons, but it was imprinted in the fragmentary memories of a few visitors — among them, in the memories of the then student, and later the artist N.

The works were accompanied by texts and a reproduction of a radio program from 1929, which told about the original exhibition. You could also hear music at the exhibition — the lost symphony of the avant-garde composer of Lviv-Jewish-Polish origin, Jozef Koffler. The recording of the radio part, authored by Yurii Andrukhovych, took place in partnership with Urban Space Radio. In addition to the exhibition itself, there was an online and live discussion about the avant-garde with invited researchers. Guest experts will also deliver a lecture on mental health.

The project aims to put a new perspective on the Ukrainian avant-garde — in particular, its Western-Ukrainian movement — through an exhibition curated by Nikita Kadan and a journalistic programme created by Yurii Andrukhovych. The central method of the project was the fiction method, and the project itself is based on a constructed story about the avant-garde exhibition in Stanislawow in 1931.

Exhibition dates: December 3-29, 2021 Exhibition venue: Frankivsk Town Hall

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